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Successful waste management on any construction site will help the project run more smoothly and effectively. Slam Junk helps by managing all aspects of construction waste disposal. Debris on the job site not only gets in the way of the job at hand, but more importantly it can become a safety hazard. Slam Junk is fully equipped to manage debris with their quick transport services, and efficient and green policies.

Benefits to Running an Efficient Job Site

One of the biggest setbacks that can hinder any construction project is inefficiency. It can slow the pace and get in the way of keeping trades on schedule. The end result will cost the contractor more money, time, and unneeded headaches that could have been avoided. Because Slam Junk understands the construction industry and are highly effective in construction debris management, we are a trusted choice for any job site.

Safe Construction Waste Removal

Slam Junk takes pride in thoughtfully disposing of construction waste with sustainability in mind. Proper waste removal improves water and air quality and also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Ultimately reducing pollution is key and Slam Junk has partnered with local recycling centers to manage construction materials that can be repurposed. Careful planning and knowledge of local recycling regulations impact the bottom line for Slam Junk, the client, and the environment.

Hazardous Waste

For safety reasons, Slam Junk treats all construction waste as potentially containing hazardous waste. Any item in question is verified with so that they can be dealt with safely.

What construction debris can we recycle?

  • Concrete
  • Metals
  • Asphalt
  • Wood and untreated timber
  • Glass
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Gypsum (drywall)
  • Masonry
  • Appliances and fixtures, such as sinks and bathtubs
  • Windows, doors, and roofing
  • Vegetation and trees
  • Plastics
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