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Slam Junk assists in removing unwanted waste by safely disposing of or recycling of all office items. Office spaces will have a variety of items that need to be dealt with in a responsible manner.

Slam Junk has been called in to assist with rubbish removal for offices going through renovations, or because a business is closing or downsizing due to increased remote working.

Some common office items Slam Junk will remove, dispose, and recycle include:

  • Furniture
  • Electronic equipment
  • Wood and untreated timber
  • Glass
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Gypsum (drywall)
  • Masonry
  • Appliances and fixtures, such as sinks
  • Windows and doors
  • Plastics
What to Expect

Office Renovation Debris Removal

In the life of a business there might be times when you go through renovations or an expansion of your office space. Slam Junk can assist in removing construction debris, old furniture or electronic equipment safely and quickly. Slam Junk also provides bin rental services for longer lasting projects. We can deliver a bin to your business and pick it up when your renovation is completed.


Business Bankruptcy or Downsizing

Unfortunately businesses close from time to time for one reason or another. Bankruptcy, downsizing, or closing up shop are all reasons why you would need a junk removal company. No matter what the reason, Slam Junk Bin Disposal and Rubbish Removal understands each situation and how challenging they can be. With understanding, patience and thoughtful care, Slam Junk can help you get through these transitions by safely removing or recycling your office contents.

Why Choose Slam Junk for Your Business Waste Removal?

Slam Junk takes pride in being professional in working with business owners and managers to safely remove and dispose of office items and debris. We understand that time is money, and for that reason we aim to efficiently and responsibly clear out all items that you need gone. You can trust that our respectful, trustworthy and friendly staff will make it a good experience, even when your circumstances may be difficult.

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