Langley Disposal Bin Rentals

Affordable Disposal Bin Rentals

You can easily rent a dumpster from Slam Junk to help make any project run smoothly. Slam Junk will drop off and pickup the bin and provide safe disposal of all items. You can rent Slam Junk bins for any commercial or residential project that are required for sustained cleanup periods. Slam Junk provides high quality dumpsters in both 20 and 23 yard sizes.

What to Expect:


Fast & Safe Delivery

Our professional and friendly staff will deliver your bin when you need it.


Great Rates

Slam Junk’s Clean disposal bins come at affordable rates.


Loads of Room!

With 20 yard and 23 yard options, you have more than enough space to work with.


Bin Rental Options for Residential and Commercial Use

In most cases Slam Junk’s bin rentals are the most affordable way of disposing of junk. You are able to throw away all types of household junk. For certain items there will be additional disposal fees due to provincial regulations. Some of these include TV’s, computer monitors, refrigerators, air conditioners, and tires.

Slam Junk have two size options for disposal bins, 20 yard and 23 yard.


How Our Dumpster Bin Rental Process Works

  • When it comes time to rent your dumpster bin give us a call and we will determine which disposal bin will work best for you.
  • When we arrive we will position and setup your bin in a safe and convenient place.
  • We then do an inspection of the bin and go over our policies with you.
  • On the scheduled day we arrive to pickup the bin and record any items that have additional fees and you will receive the final bill.
  • Our driver will then proceed to the appropriate disposal facilities.
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